Troy Ave Clowns Taxstone And Celebrates Podcaster’s 35-Year Sentence

Troy Ave

Troy Ave celebrated the lengthy prison sentence Taxstone received today for killing the rapper’s friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter during a shooting in May of 2016.

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave took to social media to celebrate the 35-year prison sentence handed to podcaster Daryl “Taxstone” Campbell yesterday (June 20).

Although he’s preparing to serve time in prison for his role in the Irving Plaza incident, it seems clear that Troy Ave views the outcome of the Taxstone trial as a victory.

So much so that Troy Ave is trolling Tax by selling merchandise emblazoned with the podcaster’s face superimposed over a basketball player wearing a jersey with the words “Prison City” over the number 35. In addition to the merch, Troy is also planning on dropping a brand new album Friday and is asking fans to name it for him.

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Taxstone’s three-decade prison sentence marks the end of a protracted trial stemming from a fatal shooting incident that occurred at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza in 2016.

Seven years ago, a confrontation between Troy Ave and Taxstone escalated into a deadly shooting at the music venue, resulting in the death of Ronald McPhatter, Troy Ave’s bodyguard, and several others injured.

Both men were arrested following the incident, with Troy Ave facing charges of attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Troy Ave, however, maintained his innocence throughout, asserting self-defense and claiming that Taxstone was the shooter.

He later testified against Taxstone during the trial in exchange for a reduced sentence. After Taxstone’s conviction, Troy Ave released a diss track titled “Dear Hater, I Won (Taxstone Found Guilty).”

The song, a direct taunt at Taxstone, emphasized Troy Ave’s insistence that he acted in self-defense during the Irving Plaza incident. It also mocked Taxstone’s lack of street credibility, further fueling their long-standing feud.

The song also takes aim at fellow Brooklyn rapper Casanova, who is facing a significant prison sentence of his own.

Casanova, born Caswell Senior, pled guilty to racketeering charges and confessed to conspiring to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana.

As part of his deal to testify against Taxstone, Troy Ave reportedly agreed to a one-year prison sentence, including time served.