Tupac Detective Wants Admitted Accomplice To Rapper’s Murder Arrested

A former detective claims to know who killed the late rapper and wants the alleged murderer behind bars now!

(AllHipHop News) Greg Kading, the former detective who worked with the Los Angeles Police Department on Tupac Shakur’s and Biggie Smalls’ murder cases, says he wants an arrest immediately.

Kading believes infamous Los Angeles gangster Duane “Keefe D.” Davis should be arrested and charged for his role in the rapper’s death.

According to an interview Kading did with the Daily Star, Keefe D. has confessed to his involvement in Tupac’s murder on several occasions.

Keefe D. may not have been the triggerman, but he has admitted to being in the car that fired upon Suge Knight’s BMW on September 7th, 1996, fatally wounding Pac, who was a passenger.


“Keefe D. should be arrested, Keefe D is a self-confessed murderer,” Kading said. “He has confessed publicly multiple times about his role in the murder of Tupac.”

He continued, “And I cannot think of any case in American crime history where a confessing murderer is allowed to continue and go speak blatantly about his involvement in a crime. It is unprecedented.”

Kading also says Keefe D. admitted to getting the handgun used during the incident for the alleged shooter, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson.

Keefe D. has also allegedly confessed to the crime in a book and documentaries about the murder of Tupac.