Turk Talks Juvenile Re-Signing With Cash Money + Reuniting With The Hot Boys & Mannie Fresh


(AllHipHop News) “Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 to the 2000s,” said Juvenile on his Top 20 hit “Back That Azz Up.” Since the release of that song in 1999, the label has had its fair share of legal drama with the original members Juve, Lil Wayne, and Turk.

Both Wayne and Turk are currently suing Cash Money in separate lawsuits, but after his own troubles with CMB, Juvenile has returned to the company. During an interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9., Turk was asked about Juve’s decision to re-sign with Cash Money.

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“I guess Juve did what was best for him,” Turk responded. “Sometimes you gotta make moves that’s best for you and your family. What’s best for me and my family is what I’m doing. That probably was a good move for him.”

Turk also announced he and Juvenile are getting together for an upcoming performance. Fellow Hot Boy Wayne and former Cash Money in-house producer Mannie Fresh will be reconnecting with the “Wodie” rapper as well.

“As far as me and Juvie, we have a show coming up April 23 in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Turk. “Me and Wayne got a few shows coming up – April 4, April 8. Mannie Fresh is going to be on the one on April 8. We’re doing things together.”

Does this mean a Hot Boys reunion may be on the way? According to Turk, there is still one large piece of the puzzle missing.

“I want to put it all together. With BG being incarcerated, it ain’t gonna come together like it needs to come together until he gets back,” added Turk. “A Hot Boys reunion tour – the fans, they need to see that. In the meantime, it’s the young Hot Boys, old Hot Boys movement.”

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