Tyler, The Creator Dropped An Unreleased Song At Golf Fashion Show, Announces Collaboration With Adidas


(AllHipHop News) Tyler the Creator premiered some new music at his GOLF Fashion show over the weekend.

The founder of Odd Future opened his show at MADE LA fashion show, by performing a song that addressed his recent banning from Australia.

According to Pitchfork the unreleased song, titled “EGO,” not only references the the 2015 banning, but also called the Australian government for using his old rhymes as a reason why he shouldn’t be able to return to the country.

The rhymes from “EGO” reads:

“They said some old lines was offensive/I was young I can’t apologize for that s###/They took my fiction literature for literal/I ain’t no m###########’ criminal.”

Tyler’s verse states that he’s not as bad as his previous music proclaims him to be, and uses Donald Trump as the punchline to prove it.

Although the song’s message caught the attention of many, Tyler has no plan on officially releasing “EGO.”

Yesterday, the Los Angeles rapper told fans on Twitter that it was only for the show and just a throwaway.

During the Golf Fashion Show, Tyler also announced that he would be releasing a new collaboration with Adidas.