U.K Drill Artist Digga D Links With Moneybagg Yo On “G Lock”

Digga D also announced a new mixtape is on the way and suggested he is free of the court order restricting what he can rap about.

Digga D has shown once again why he’s one of the biggest talents to emerge from the U.K. drill scene with a new transatlantic collaboration with Moneybagg Yo. 

The West London and Memphis rappers joined forces on “G Lock,” released Thursday (Mar. 3). Listen to it below. 

Digga D X Moneybagg Yo – G Lock

Digga D also announced his third mixtape is coming next month. “This is the first time in my life I feel free,” he wrote on his socials. “Free from all the hassle from police, p#### haters, probation & crazy entanglements. Really been living a movie & this mixtape is just a scene from it.” 

The project is titled “Noughty By Nature” and is due on April, 15 and available now to pre-order.  

A Criminal Behavioural Order (CBO) was imposed on Digga D in 2018 following a conviction for conspiring to commit violent disorder. Believed to be the first of its kind in the U.K., the CBO prevents him from using certain names, locations, and themes in his lyrics. His lawyers believe the order gives the police the ability to control and censor his art.  

Digga D’s post alludes to the CBO coming to an end. According to his lawyer, the order was for a five-year period.  

“The order determines what sorts of things Digga can talk about in his songs,” his attorney, Cecilia Goodwin explained to the BBC last year. “It tries to control who he can talk about, what he can talk about, the areas that he can talk about. And also it goes even further because, visually, there are certain things he’s also not allowed to portray. So it’s very tricky. It’s quite difficult working within those parameters when you are a drill artist.” 

While Digga D has learned to adapt to the constraints of the CBO, his post suggests a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.