U.K. Drill Rapper Loski Teases Digga D Diss Track Response: “Why Yu So obsessed Wit Me?” 

Loski and Digga D continue to go back and forth on wax, with the South East London drill artist teasing a new diss track.

Loski fired another shot in his ongoing beef with fellow drill rapper Digga D, teasing the visuals for a new diss track. 

The longtime rivals have been engaged in a war of words for years though tensions appear to have escalated recently. Loski took to Instagram earlier this week (Jul. 19) with a preview of the upcoming song nothing the track is “coming soon.” 

“Why yu so obsessed wit me I just wanna know ? 🤷‍♂️😴😂” he wrote in the caption before asking his followers to comment “if yu want this.”  

Loski teased the target of his diss track with a screenshot at the end of the preview. The image appeared to be a Snapchat friend request from Digga D.  


Digga D & Loski Go Back And Forth On Wax 

Digga D took a shot at the South East Londoner earlier this month on his “S###” track, released July 7.  

He opens with the lines, “If you never went jail, you’ll be on a mill, but I been jail too, and I ran through a few,” a direct reference to Loski’s 2020 GRM Daily Duppy where he raps, If I didn’t go jail in ‘019, then I woulda had a mil.” 

In the first verse, Digga D includes the lines “your baby mother used to come and visit me and I got the letters from her little bro,” something he also referred to when he explained the origin of his beef with Loski. He also revealed that Loski taking a picture with his opp Fredo contributed to their feud.  

In turn Loski addressed the matter in a freestyle he teased last month. He shared a preview of three upcoming freestyles he recorded while bored on curfew.  

“Rap boy from West love to talk too bad, Took a pic’ with Fred’ and they got upset,” he raps. Loski also questioned why Digga D is “lyin’ to fans” about taking to his girl from behind bars.  

He also adds, “One thing that I know, if I twerk and rap, Harlem gon’ deffo de-recruit man,” a reference to an old video said to be of Digga D twerking.