U.K Rapper Digga D Drops Visuals For G-Unit Inspired “Pump 101” 

Digga D and StillBrickin dropped the highly-anticipated video for their new song, an homage to G Unit and 50 Cent.

Digga D has been teasing his track with Liverpool’s StillBrickin since last November when he posted a snippet of the video on Instagram.  

The West London rapper samples G Unit’s “Stunt 101.” H pays homage to 50 Cent, borrowing from his cadence and flow. Digga’s D’s close friend and rising talent StillBrikin hops on the second verse of the song.  

Listen To Digga D X StillBrickin – Pump 101

Digga D had a breakout year in 2021 after the success of his mixtape, “Made in the Pyrex.” He was named the second-best U.K rapper by Complex U.K in December 2021 in a close race to the top spot with famed wordsmith Dave.  

However, it appeared Digga D could be throwing his whole career away when rumors began circulating at the end of November that he had been arrested in Dubai. He was trending on Twitter for two days as reports suggested he was facing life imprisonment for stabbing someone while there. He later cleared up the matter confirming that while he did get arrested, he was not involved in any criminal activity and was released without charge. 

Digga D fell foul of the harsh U.K laws concerning drill music in 2018. He was given a criminal behavior order banning him from using certain names, locations, and themes in his lyrics. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Jay-Z is among the artists arguing for a change in New York law that would prevent rap lyrics from being used as evidence in criminal trials. The “Rap Music on Trial” legislation is intended to ban prosecutors from citing lyrics except in cases of “clear and convincing proof” of a link between lyrics and a crime.