U.K. Rapper Mowgs Claims “New York Drill Has Nothing On U.K. Drill”

Mowgs took time out from promoting his upcoming mixtape “The Bear Necessities” to weigh in on the transatlantic debate.

Mowgs is speaking up for the U.K. drill scene, claiming it’s superior to the sound coming out of New York today. 

The rapper from Birmingham, U.K. took to Twitter to air out his grievances against the NYC sound. 

“New York drill has nothing on Uk drill,” Mowgs declared. “N##### just out der shouting at the mic and dancing funny.” 

While Mowgs received a mixed reaction to his claim, North London rapper RV added fuel to the fire with a hilarious comment. “Theyre so angry and so happy at the same time,” he wrote.  

When somebody claimed that U.K. artists “would be bullied” for rapping like their American counterparts, Mowgs agreed and used Kodak Black for comparison. “Bro imagine if we some one rapping like Kodak in uk imagine what people would say 🤷🏾‍♂️” 

Meanwhile, Mowgs displayed his rapping ability in his new song “A Girl From Erdz,” paying homage to his hometown of Erdington. The song follows recent drop “Swerve Off,” featuring fellow Birmingham rapper MIST. Listen to it below. 

Mowgs x Mist – Swerve Off 

Both songs are from his upcoming highly-anticipated mixtape, The Bare Necessities, which he says is universally “good music.” 

“F### the hype! F### the clout!,” Mowgs told Complex U.K. about the new project. “When people hear it, all they’ll be able to say is: “Rah! This is good music.” It’s my life story. We really came up on the bare necessities. 

Although Mowgs spoke out on drill, he steered clear of the sound on the upcoming tape. ”I’m doing straight rap,” he said, also ruling out Afroswing. “I’m good at bars and I’m good at verses, but with certain songs, you need a really good hook to catch the people. So I’ve done a few songs with singers, different rappers, people I make music with now. I’ve got Rimzee on there, S1mba, Country Dons, Ard Adz and one or two more…”