U.K. Rapper Pa Salieu Tells Court He Smashed Bottle To Defend Himself During Fatal Brawl

Pa Salieu told the court he had been drinking when he smashed and brandished a bottle after chasing a man outside a nightclub in 2018.

Pa Salieu told a court he smashed a bottle to defend himself during a brawl that saw his best friend stabbed to death. 


He is accused of being part of a group that chased a man outside a Coventry, U.K. nightclub in 2018. The rapper’s friend, Fidel Glasgow, grandson of The Specials singer Neville Staples, was fatally stabbed during the brawl. To date, no one has been charged in connection with his death. 

Pa Salieu denies violent disorder however, he admitted a separate charge relating to violent disorder later that same day.  

He told the trial he had been drinking when he chased Ikemefuna Okosisi-Ezeanyika. He intended to disarm him, believing he had a knife.  

The court listened as Pa Salieu was taken through CCTV footage of the night of September 1, 2018. “I just saw him walking back,” he said of Okosisi-Ezeanyika. “At this point everyone is shouting.” He claimed he heard Okosisi-Ezeanyika say, “I have got something for you, you think you are bad.”  

Pa Salieu Says “It Was A Stupid Thing” To Do

He said at that point, “I believed he had a knife. My intention for hitting that bottle [on the ground] was to warn him off.” Asked by his barrister if there was any prospect of the bottle hitting Okosisi-Ezeanyika, Salieu responded: “I was sipping Hennessy. It was a stupid thing. I just threw the bottle towards his direction.” 

He then explained his decision to pick up a second knife. “I had nothing to defend myself with,” he continued. “At this point I still think he had a knife. I just threw the bottle towards his direction.” 

The rapper previously commented on the case during the investigation last year. Pa Salieu wrote on Instagram: “Due to ongoing investigations, I am unable to comment on the detail surrounding the fateful events that occurred back in September 2018. Sadly, my close friend Fidel Glasgow (AP) was taken from us well before his time.” 

He further said he is “engaging with the justice system”, adding: “Please be sensitive to the fact that a real family like yours has lost a loved one. RIP AP.” 

The trial continues.