URL Make Social Media History With N.O.M.E 12 

Ultimate Rap League proved once again why they are the premier battle rap league with their Night Of Main Events this weekend.

Ultimate Rap League made an explosive return to Houston on Saturday (Jul. 9), making history with the twelfth installment of their marquee Night Of Main Events card.  

Fans packed the Bayou Music Centre in Houston to see a card stacked with battle rap legends alongside some of the genre’s rising stars. NOMEXII was trending before the event even began with fans on Twitter debating their predictions for the night. They were also eager to see the return of Harlem’s K-Shine, a long-awaited grudge match, and to see some of the best of the Smack DVD era rappers take on the New Era.  

The event began trending with #NOMEXII just thirty minutes into the show before the official hashtag was announced. By the time, URL co-founder Smack White announced #NOME12 as the official URL hashtag, engagement is said to have exploded with both hashtags being used by fans.

Within an hour between each other, both #NOME12 and #NOMEXII (respectfully) were at the top spot.

This marked the first time in history an extreme sporting organization trended on Twitter at No. 1 during the same night with two different hashtags. The event would continue to rank throughout the evening and occupied the top spot an hour later.  

“While URL usually trends in the top spots on Twitter, it was particularly significant that the fans were engaged on this year’s NOME in the way that they were, ” Smack states exclusively to AllHipHop.com. “It shows that even after 12 years, people still are tuning in to see the artists on our platform — that we have groomed from very early in their career.”

He continued, “This card had vets, some of our most senior stars, and also now the brightest new talents dominating the culture. We trended over UFC most of the night because we are listening to our fans and expanding the market event by event. Something no one else in our space is doing. We are opening doors.”

“This proves once and for all, that the URL brand is unmatched,” said Smack of the historic flex. “Not just in battle rap but in the extreme sporting space also. We are our own competition.” 

Some of Houston’s Hip-Hop elite were also in attendance with stars like Trae the Truth, lil Flip and J Prince Jr in the house. 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

One of the most anticipated N.O.M.E. 12 clashes was the final of URL’s Ultimate Madness 5 tournament between one of the best pens in battle rap, JC, and the underdog from South Carolina, Swamp. Longtime battle rap enthusiast and former NFL player Gerald McCoy added an extra $20,000 to the prize money making a total of $120,000.  

Ultimately, JC would go on to score the victory in a unanimous decision to collect the $120,000 prize as the winner of Ultimate Madness 5.  

JC vs. Swamp – UM5 Final 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

West Coast legend Dizaster took to Twitter to give JC his flowers following his win. “Congrats to @ThekidJ_c for the well warranted milestone achievement in his career. To me jc has always been a talent Ive shown respect for ,from preserving the fundamentals, pushing the envelope of writing ,2 not conforming/compromising. it’s good to see a mc from our cloth win🏆” 

However, Swamp was a worthy finalist, fighting throughout the tournament and on the night.  

Meanwhile, rumor has it JC’s next bag will come from the much hyped matchup with Tsu Surf, one JC has wanted for years, or from an epic clash of the pens against the legend from Harlem, Loaded Lux, and end game battle for the elite writers. 

Danny Myers vs. Nunn Nunn 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

The night began with California’s Danny Myers vs. North Carolina’s Nunn Nunn, a fire back and forth that was a rebuttal fest from the renowned freestylers.  

Danny bought near unmatched energy to the night as noted by Nunn Nunn. “Bruhh Danny jumped off stage ran through the whole front row then teleported back on stage mid round” 

K-Shine vs. Real Sikh 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

K-Shine made a triumphant return with the culture giving him a clear win over New Jersey’s Real Sikh in the first of the Smack DVD Era vs New Era clashes. He gave a masterful performance all three rounds giving fans the feeling that the old Shine is here to stay.  

Geechi Gotti vs. Hollow Da Don 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

The second Era vs. Era clash came from Houston’s Hollow Da Don vs. California’s Geechi Gotti and despite the fan vote, it proved to be a highly debatable one. While the Caffeine fan vote gave the win to Hollow, the second of the Smack DVD era rappers to win on the night, others gave it to Gotti.   

Goodz vs. Eazy the Block Captain

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

Then, it was a case of “slick talk” vs. “the talk different” with Bronx’s Goodz da Animal vs. Philadelphia’s Eazy the Block Captain, two rappers from two different genres known for their distinct way of talking to their opponent.  

Tay Roc vs. T-Top 

Image credit: Nicole Duncan-Smith

Maryland’s Tay Roc and North Carolina’s T-Top settled a grudge during the main event that was a decade in the making that many fans had going Roc’s way.  


The event went down live and for free on Caffeine TV, the Ultimate Rap League’s streaming partner, and the battles will soon be added to the URLtv app.  Meanwhile, check out some of the recaps on Twitter below.

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