URLtv Drops Epic East Vs. West Hip-Hop Battle In New ‘Quarantined’ Series

Battle rap league URLtv just launched a new series devoted to battle rapping while everyone is being quarantined.

(AllHipHop News) In the new era of battle rap, the crowd is super important to the outcome of a successful event. At least, that is what the industry thought.

That was until several innovative players in the culture stepped up to figure out new ways to give fans the same fire content, while they are sheltering-in.

One of those innovators would be the cats over at the Ultimate Rap League and the new series on their app called “Quarantined.”

The first battle released last week was Tay Roc and Mike P.

Many thought because it was just a “one rounder,” the bars would be -ehh…, since the rappers were giving their all for a battle that would not yield them the hefty bags that they would get on bigger cards.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Both platinum-tongue lyricists came with blood in their eyes and victory on their minds.

This was a perfect set up for the second battle with Compton’s own Geechi Gotti and Brooklyn’s beloved, Jerry Weiss.

Like Roc and Mike P, these two didn’t come to play either.

But what did you expect? Gotti never takes a break — without giving any of the spoilers out, Gotti (like any good battle rapper) made use of some of Wess’ most recent contests and interviews.

Gotti verbally unpacks two points: Wess’ desperation to get on and his lack of discernment as a street dude. Gotti gave us classic Gotti.

Now, Jerry Wess also came to this battle with the tools in his warehouse that makes him exceptional. Slick talking.

Clever gimmicks (especially the one that looked like a stumble or flub but turned out to be just a fire set up for a dope punchline).

Style and swag— his performance reminds us that he is from the same streets that built JAY-Z, Biggie, Fabolous and Maino.

Together, the two give their fans a dose of good entertainment and reason to a) download the SMACK/URL app and b) look out for the next “Quarantined” series.