Vanilla Ice Blames $500,000 Alimony Debt On A Glitch

The Texas rapper turned DIY host ain’t sweating paying what he owes, says “its a glitch” holding up his payment.

(AllHipHop News) Vanilla Ice is about to be red hot if a judge believes his ex-wife’s current claims the rapper is alimony dodging.

When their divorce was finalized last November, Mr. “Ice Ice Baby” was told that he had to pay over $10,000 a month to his former wife.

His wife was awarded such a high alimony check because the two were married for over 22 years. She birthed him two children (who are now adults) and was a stay-at-home mom raising them while he was skateboarding all over the world.

The rapper, whose government name is Robert Van Winkle, says that she gonna get her paper… She just has to be patient… there is a “glitch” in the system holding everything up. GEESH… it has only been about 4 months.

He says told the via text message, “It’s being paid… It was an auto-pay glitch. All this for a couple hundred dollars?”

Bruh… she not flipping over a couple of hundreds. She tripping because everyone knows you caking. #CUTITOUT

Let’s run his numbers:

Reports say that Vanilla Ice brings in $68,000 a month and has liquid assets, mostly cash, worth more than $3 million.

It is also reported that he owns a minimum of 15 real estate properties, eight vehicles, a boat, and other assets totaling: $5,109,328!

His TV show “The Vanilla Ice Project” and checks from his music career and from touring have kept the rapper living large over the years.

Well, I’ll be a white rapper at out of red-necked Dallas, Texas! He better pay that lady… remember what happened when he didn’t pay Suge!