(VIDEO) Rapper Shoots Himself In The Face To Bring Attention To His Music


(AllHipHop News) These days, wanna-be celebrities will go to great lengths to find fame. One rapper has opted to shoot himself in the face to garner some attention for his struggling career.

“I swallowed the bullet…if I die, f**k it,” says Rapper Kasper Knight, who shot himself in the cheek. After doing the deed, he keeps talking in the Facebook post.

The video has gotta over a half million views at the time of this writing.

Many have speculated that the shooting was simply a prank since, the bullet never pierced the other side of his face and that the bullet would be far too hot to swallow immediately after being discharged from a gun.

The rapper had an answer for those questioning the integrity of the shooting.

“You guys are a mess. We got black people blaming my facial mutilation on whites, whites blaming it on blacks, conservatives blaming it on liberals, liberals blaming the gun, random f***s blaming it on Mexicans, and conspiracy theorists asking for proof even though we have a full blown unedited video on deck,” Knight said.
Whether or not this helps his career remains to be scene.

On commenter said, “He can shoot himself wherever he wants…… I still won’t be interested in his music.”

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