Vince Staples Talks The State Of Hip Hop, Baltimore Uprising & Why He Doesn’t Care About Being A Rapper


(AllHipHop News) Def Jam recording artist Vince Staples is getting ready to release his debut studio album Summertime ’06 on June 30. In preparation of the LP hitting stores, the 22-year-old Long Beach, California native gave an in-depth interview to Fader.

The Q&A featured Vince sharing his thoughts about Hip Hop culture at the moment, the actions that took place in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, and why he does not care about being a rapper.

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Read excerpts from Vince Staples’ interview below.

On the current state of Hip Hop:

Hip-hop culture [is] not appreciated…Hip-hop is the most imitated, most influential, most creative, most underappreciated, underrespected music form there is. It’s more [than black art not being respected.] It scares white people. I say that as part of the problem. That’s where I want to be, on this side of the wall.

On the Baltimore Uprising:

In Baltimore, thy saying, ‘F*ck the police.’ They’re really fighting against the police.  My whole thing is everybody wants to bicker and complain, but nobody wants to take action. Whether it’s violent or not, take action.  If you so mad at police, go kill one of the police…People got to understand this. I am a thug and animal in the general description of the words. We live in a motherf*cking zoo. They watching us on TV, but they’re not going to go to Baltimore…As far as police things, take action if you believe in it, but understand that these people don’t understand where you come from. As much as people listen to YG, they wouldn’t go to Compton.

On why he doesn’t care about being a rapper:

I don’t care about rap music like that. That sh*t means nothing to me. I don’t sit at my house looking at vinyls. Sh*t don’t mean nothing when there’s people out here dying and starving with no hope. That’s what matters, so you don’t want to get jaded and lose sight of where you came from. I might be okay now, but I’m not really okay, because nobody else is okay.

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