Wales Announces 'Album About Nothing' Release Date


Wale released his A-Trak assisted mixtape Festivus, in honor of the Seinfeld holiday, earlier this week to hold fans over until the release of his fourth project, The Album About Nothing. When a fan tweeted him thanking him for gifting his fans with such quality free music, instead of saying thank you back the MMG spitter replied with his album release date, Mar. 31st.

wale tweet


With him releasing a mixtape based on a Seinfield holiday, doing the Complex cover story with Jerry Seinfeld and the album titled also being derived from the 90’s show, it’s only right to believe that the comedian will be apart of the album. There’s no word on his direct involvement, but Wale did mention that he had been linking up with Seinfeld.

“I’ve spent some good time with Jerry [Seinfeld] and we’re gonna keep building on it,” he told MTV News back in October. “I wanna make it super incredible and super honest and I’m really putting the fans first on this one. With The Gifted, I [did] things musically and sonically that I felt I wanted to do for myself, but this one is solely for the fans and solely for the people who made me who I am.”

If you haven’t already, peep the album art below.

the album about nothing album art