Wanna Be Ja Morant Should Be Jailed Or Shot Over Latest Incident, According To Charleston White

Ja Morant

Controversial social media influencer says athlete always wanted to be a “thug.”

Social media influencer and cultural critic Charleston White has weighed in on Ja Morant and his recent suspension from the Memphis Grizzlies.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Morant, the National Basketball Association’s 2019 round 1, second-draft pick, was suspended by the franchise after a recent Instagram Live video went viral. In the clip, the point guard was brandishing a firearm while cruising around with a friend listening to NBA YoungBoy.

Morant was suspended for eight games without pay. Police concluded their investigation and ended up not charging Morant with a crime. The NBA also did an investigation but could not prove the gun belonged to Morant nor prove he brought it into any of the establishments he went into during that night out.

White too to social media, saying the 23-year-old is faking like a gangster or thug online.

“This is what I see in the Jason Morant boy …He never got to be a thug. He never got to be a gangster because he was so good at basketball,” White said.  “But there’s an innate desire inside of him that wants to live out this kind of lifestyle. I think he’s a wannabe gangster.”

He also said the athlete should be in jail or shot.

According to White, Morant is probably not as tough as he thinks he is and would not last “60 days in lock up,” admitting that he, himself, couldn’t have lasted 30 days.

The controversial country pundit said he believes the baller needs to “be shot in the leg at a club on his knee where he can’t jump high and play basketball and run fast down the court no more.”

White’s video progressively got darker, as he called the player more names and punctuated his thoughts with curse words.

“I think the boy stupid, I think the boy is ill inform and I think he is a closet homosexual … he battling with coming out or staying in so he’s just playing with guns,” White said.

“I don’t think he really want to hurt nobody,” the OG added. “I think the boy got displaced anger issues because he’s sheltered and entitled.”

White believes that Morant has never had to struggle and the façade of gangsterism is a way to associate with the rappers and cool kids he never got to be with.

Comedically, he blends sports references (as a satirical way to indicate his disdain for athletes and say he cares nothing about the sporting world).

After saying he wants him to be kicked out of the league, he adds with a snicker he is glad he has a college degree because at least he can go and teach.

He said, “You’re going to make for a good PE teacher … walking out to teach them boys how to shoot them free throws and snap they wrist.”

Lastly, White said, speaking directly to Morant, “I hope they take everything.”