WATCH: Dae Dae Posts Video Of Himself Being Arrested For Dunkin Donuts Assault

Dae Dae and Dunkin Donuts

Dae Dae is adamantly denying he flipped out over some donuts, which led to a teenaged employee of Dunkin Donuts being slashed.

Dae Dae has been taken into custody for a crime he claims he never committed – stabbing a teen inside of Dunkin Donuts in Union City, Georgia.

The cops arrested Dae Dae today (June 9) in Suwanee and charged him with aggravated assault after he flipped out on a 17-year-old employee who did not have the specific donuts he wanted.

Dae Dae, born Marquavis Goolsby, left Dunkin Donuts in a rage. When he returned to confront the girl inside of the restaurant.

He’s accused of pulling out a knife and slashing the teenager, who suffered a minor injury after she was cut on the arm. Dae Dae fled the scene in his red Audi.

After months of investigating the incident, the cops zeroed in on the 28-year-old “Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye)” rapper.

Dae Dae denied he was the perpetrator of the attack inside of Dunkin Donuts and he maintains he was framed, but the teen’s lawyers believe they have the right suspect.

“The crazy thing about the entire exchange is that, I believe that he wanted a certain type of donut, or donuts, and they did not have those donuts, apparently,” the girl’s lawyer Kamau Mason told CBS46.

“Anything To Slammer [sic] My Name Huh❗️ They Would Wanna See Me Dead Or In Jail,” Dae Dae wrote on IG. “It’s Crazy the Type Music I Drop Is Nun But Motivation Music They Treatin me Like A Mass Criminal 🤦🏽‍♂️ NOT EVEN Trippen Lawyer Paid Up And Ima Drop Faster On You Pussiess😤😤💡💡💙💙 Tell That❗️❗️ Stay Tune WATCHTHIS😶😶.”