Westside Gunn Says “Some Rest & I’ll Be Back” After Being Hospitalized

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn revealed that he experienced difficulty breathing and had to seek emergency medical attention for the second time this month.

Westside Gunn released a statement in the early hours of this morning (Dec. 22), updating fans on his health. He previously revealed being admitted to the hospital for the second time in a month after failing to catch his breath. 

“Some rest & I’ll be back. Thank y’all so much for the love, u know I love u all even the haters!!!” he shared via Instagram Stories. “Happy Holidays…I didn’t realize I had 60 points in the 3rd quarter I should’ve been benched myself, some should be thankful I’m giving y’all a head starts.” It appears Westside Gunn is taking the rest of the year off as he added, “See y’all next year.” 

Just a few hours before, on Tuesday evening, the Griselda rapper took to his Instagram stories to inform his fans of his health crisis. Gunn posted an image that showed him lying down surrounded by several EMTs. 

Westside Gunn Called For Prayers  

“Pray for me they had to call for emergency,” he wrote. “I couldn’t breath, it’s under control now but otw to hospital. 2x this month.” 

Back in April last year, Westside Gunn contracted COVID-19 and checked himself into hospital after suffering breathing complications that left him feeling like he was dying.  

“I have a confession to Make I’m a Corona Survivor,” he wrote on Instagram. “I didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me I had to thug it out for weeks I didn’t get to see my kids I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath the fans and the love I was getting kept me strong I knew I had to drop this Pray for Paris bc GOD have bigger plans for me.”  

He continued, “I’m about to go harder than I ever have that s### tore me up inside I literally thought I was dead designing these clothes and @virgilabloh having my back and @djpremier sending me a beat kept me motivated.” 

Westside Gunn detailed his experience with COVID-19 during an episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast.” 

AllHipHop.com wishes Westside Gunn a speedy recovery.