Will.i.am Launches Company That Marries Technology With Fashion


Will.i.am is looking to take fashion and technology to the next level by combining them together. He launched a company that will create wearable technology called i am +. Its first release, which was unveiled on Oct. 15th, is a battery operated smart wristband called i am PULS. The wristband has the features of a smartphone and a watch and allows users to access social media, maps and a speech recognition app that is similar to Apple’s Siri. The device also has a sensor that can pick up on your mood and detect when you are stressed.

The LA native told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes that this tech venture will inspire the next generation to take on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) opportunities.

“I’m telling kids in inner cities that they should take an interest in STEM,” said The Black Eyed Peas frontman. “Music has changed my life, but [technology] is the path I’m going down now.”

But Will isn’t stopping at wristbands. He said he plans to bring jackets, backpacks and shoe insoles into the mix.

Will hopes to have i am PULS in stores by the holiday season.