Wiz Khalifa Believes Jake Paul Could Take PFL To Another Level

Jake Paul

Rap star Wiz Khalifa has a great idea to expand the PFL brand he owns – signing Jake Paul to the league!

Wiz Khalifa has a great idea to raise the visibility of the already popular Professional Fighters League, which he recently invested in – hire Jake Paul.

In addition to being an owner of PFL, Wiz is also heavily involved in the marketing and promotions side of the company. During a brief chat with TMZ, Wiz believes signing Jake Paul to the PFL roster would be a serious win for the company.

Paul has proved time and again that he has would it takes to be a professional boxer. However, he has been calling out several fighters in hopes of establishing himself in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Jake Paul’s gutsiness caught the attention of Wiz, who believes PFL is a perfect fit for the young fighter.

“It would be tight if he fought for PFL,” Wiz told the outlet. “He’s a cool guy. So, wherever he is, he’s going to bring a lot of excitement.”

Although Jake Paul has yet to make his debut in the world of professional MMA fighting, he’s been making waves for months.

If some of his conditions were met, Jake Paul agreed to fight a one-off for the UFC. He has called out Dana White several times over how The UFC treats his fighters- from fighter pay to health insurance.

Paul, who beat UFC champion Tyron Woodley twice and knocked out ex-Bellator champion Ben Askren, also accused Dana White of being a cokehead. He even released a song called “DANA WHITE DISS TRACK.” 

Jake Paul has yet to respond to Wiz Khalifa’s interest in signing him to PFL.