Woman Claims Lil Baby Is The Father Of Her Child

Lil Baby

A woman named Shi Anderson says Lil Baby is the father of her child, pointing to a striking resemblance between the two as proof.

Lil Baby was put on blast by a woman claiming he’s the father of her son.

Shi Anderson accused Lil Baby of fathering her son in a series of Instagram posts. She shared photos and videos of the child, who bears a striking resemblance to his alleged father.

“I can’t keep this a Secret any Longer!!” Anderson wrote. “@lilbaby Needs to come take care of his responsibilities! I’m not Bitter, my son deserves to know who his FATHER is! #Firstborn.”

Anderson’s Instagram account is currently private, but she tagged two gossip outlets in her initial post. After receiving criticism in her comments, Anderson insisted she wasn’t looking for clout or money from Lil Baby.

“We Not Hurting for No Paper… If I was Clout Chasing I would’ve been came out with the Truth!” she wrote. “Mfas need to simply mind they business… n stay tf out Mine.! Dominique know [what’s] up [that’s] y he ain’t tapped in.”

Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, hasn’t publicly addressed the allegations at the time of publishing. But Anderson appears determined to get him to acknowledge her.

“Stop ignoring us Dominique!!” she wrote in another post.

View the photos and videos of Lil Baby’s alleged son below.