YNW Melly “Weeping” Over “Mistreatment, Discrimination & Misuse Of Authority” In Jail

In a lengthy Instagram post, the incarcerated rapper said he’s “been suffering and in fear.”

YNW Melly has been locked up on two charges of first-degree murder since February 2019. Now, he’s claiming he’s suffering unfair conditions behind bars. In an extensive Instagram post shared to his account on Saturday (December 3), Melly talked about being sequestered from his family and the mental toll it was taking.

“In the picture taken over a year ago, I am smiling, but as I speak to you from my cell at this very moment I am weeping in the present,” Melly wrote. “I have been mute for years about the mistreatment, discrimination and misuse of authority, mentally and emotionally abuse. I have been suffering and in fear. BSO staff Captain Archibald Hubert, XO Jean Baptiste and XO Jenkins are a few names of high ranked staff that have enforced this treatment.”


Melly also claimed on April 8 he was banned from using the phone “indefinitely” after he admittedly used another inmate’s pin.

“Usually when someone gets disciplined for this it is usually for 30 days,” he continued. “It is now going on 8 months. No other inmate in this jail is being treated this way. I haven’t spoken to family, friends, managers and accountants for months at a time.”

Melly went on to say the lack of communication with his family has led him into a “deep depression,” especially with Christmas approaching. He concluded: “I am innocent until proven guilty and I have all rights to talk to my family. Whoever took my privileges has a personal vendetta towards me. This is true mistreatment and discrimination plus pain and suffering. I cannot do my time like this awaiting trial, being secluded because of my celebrity status and my social media following.”

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In November, an appellate court judge said prosecutors can still seek the death penalty against Melly. Earlier this year, a lower court judge determined prosecutors failed to properly notify Melly and his legal team about the intent to seek the death penalty—but a Florida appeals court disagreed. The appellate court judge deemed the death penalty debate in Melly’s case to be a question of “great public importance” for the Florida Supreme Court.

Melly continues to await trial after pleading not guilty to first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors accuse him of killing Christopher Thomas Jr. and Anthony Williams in 2018.