Young Buck Defends Call For Violence Against Police In Controversial Song [VIDEO]


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(AllHipHop News) TMZ recently caught up with Young Buck to discuss his new controversial track “The Get Back.”

The song addresses the recent outbreak of police violence nationwide and advocates for the citizens to defend themselves at all costs and exact revenge.

During the interview, Young Buck was staunchly questioned by TMZ’s crew, while standing steadfast on his beliefs that the violence from law enforcement needs to be met with equally violent resistance.

“At the end of the day its like this, I didn’t even make it to TMZ Live until an innocent life was taken, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire,” Young Buck said.

The rapper did offer his condolences to the law enforcement officers murdered in the Dallas attack, but also stated that he believes the citizens have a right to protect their own lives, as he’s been a victim of police brutality himself in the past.

“I bear my own bruises from police brutality, I go through these things on a day to day struggle so my rage is fueled from a whole different can of fire,” stated Young Buck when asked about Snoop Dogg and The Game’s peaceful protest.

Young Buck’s track “The Get Back” features incendiary lyrics such as, ” Make these n****s load up and go kill a cop right now.”

Check out the rapper’s appearance on TMZ and the controversial track below.