Young Noble Airs EVERYTHING Out About Tupac, All Eyez On Me, John Singleton And More!


(AllHipHop News) Young Noble of the Outlawz is fed up with all the misinformation – “Rumors , Lies & Confusion” –  surrounding the looming biopic “All Eyez On Me,” which tells the life story of Tupac Shakur.

Noble was one of the emcees that rapped with Tupac in the 1990’s and was a comrade as well. Now, with family members, film makers and others chiming in, Noble has exclusively sent an exhaustive letter addressing nearly all of the issues surrounding the film.

He doesn’t mince words. Read below in its original form with minuscule editing:

This letter is from Young Noble of The Outlawz addressing the Rumors ,Lies & Confusion surrounding this new 2pac movie All Eyez On Me in theaters this June 16. Outlawz been keeping quiet about it for the longest because its so much nonsense that happened behind the scenes regarding 2pac Estate Lawyers that we chose not to speak on it out of respect for 2pac and the love we have for his family.

Edi first son was a child he had with 2pac sister so out of respect for the kids as well its certain things we would rather just not speak on, everything isn’t for the public! But as of recent with this movie coming out you have old friends, people he dealt with & even family of 2pac coming out publicly making false statements about the movie an speaking on Outlawz business an involvement.

Outlawz & 2pac loyal fans have been reaching out to us on a daily basis asking questions, genuinely concerned about whats going on an i dont blame them. Here are the facts. Morgan Creek did not sue Afeni Shakur to steal the rights to this movie. Morgan Creek & 2pac estate entered into an agreement to do the movie an then the 2pac estate lawyer tried to back out the deal an do a deal with a different movie company. The whole time trying to broker a side deal for herself with Morgan Creek for over a million dollars and didn’t even tell Afeni what she was doing. Morgan Creek got a call from the same movie company that the estate lawyer tried to do the back door deal with asking to be partners in the film, so Morgan Creek threatened to sue the lawyer & 2pac estate for breach of an agreement.

LT Hutton called me plenty of times trying to talk it out with Afeni an the estate so it didn’t go to court but the lawyer told everyone not to answer his calls. The estate lawyer knew she was wrong so the lawsuit never even made it to court. She settled an they had to proceed with Morgan Creek in the making of the movie. So after the mistakes on the lawyer behalf an getting the 2pac estate locked into this movie deal the lawyer quits as the estates lawyer after making millions off 2pac for the last 20 years. She messed up, got caught then she QUIT!!! This is the same lawyer who took advantage of The Outlawz when we was young & naive in the game. She was Outlawz lawyer as well as Afeni lawyer. First thing she had us do in 1997 was sign a waiver saying we cant sue her for being our lawyer an Afeni lawyer at the same time. We didn’t understand the business at the time but it was a 100% conflict of interest.

That’s like signing to a record label an you hire the same lawyer as the record label. She was in direct path of how we got paid an how much we got paid. Her loyalty was to whomever had the money which was the 2pac estate. After we signed the waiver saying we couldn’t sue her then she had us sign over all our back money that was owed to us to give to Afeni & 2pac estate for the All Eyez On Me album an Makaveli album which was worth a few million dollars. We didn’t know any better we was young kids, Pac had just died an she figured out a way to not pay us what they owed us so she played us on some family s###, played on our emotions like 2pac did so much for you guys..Afeni did so much for you guys just sign this contract do this for the family. We did it out of love & we moved on like men just kept working an never once even spoke on it till now. I say all that just to let yall know how deep we was in the loop an how our business & 2pac estate business was intertwined. This kind of stuff happened not with just with the Outlawz but Kadafi, Fatal an most of the Deathrow Artist that rap on or did beats on All Eyez on Me & Makaveli an other 2pac albums, most if not all of those artist will tell you themselves they didn’t get paid what they was supposed to an how vicious the lawyer was..Back to the subject..So here we are 2pac estate lawyer got them contractually obligated to do this film. Did Afeni get paid a BIG advance check for this movie? Of course! When this movie come out will 2pac estate get all the money they suppose to get on the back end? Of course! Did the 2pac estate receive a few million dollars already for Pac music to be used in the movie? Of course! Ok so if business is right what’s the problem? A creative control issue occurred about what actor the estate wanted to play 2pac in the film (Michael B Jordan) an Morgan creek & LT didn’t agree. An even then the estate still had plenty control in the film it was at least 10 things in the film that both parties had to mutually agree on that Morgan creek didnt even negotiate on they gave Afeni her say so. Then you have a lady who work for the estate who in the midst of all this for some reason tried to keep Afeni out the loop as far as the creative process. Morgan Creek & LT Hutton from day 1 wanted 2pac whole family to be apart of every single thing, they would call us an ask why nobody from the family coming to the movie set.They wanted to put all Pac cousins an family members in the movie an give them jobs on set, I even called many of them myself, some participated an some didnt from all the confusion.. Then the truth all comes out a few months ago in the meetings that the lady that work for the estate never relayed none of the messages to Afeni an family to come be apart of the creative process. Afeni passed away thinking they didn’t want her involved which in reality it was someone from her own company who she sent to all the meetings for some reason kept all this information to herself. In my opinion the people running the 2pac estate has nothing to do with the 2pac we all knew an loved. From the very beginning it was being controlled an manipulated by the powers that be (The Lawyers). They never gave a damn about 2pac, His Family, The Outlawz or his legacy. They up there getting extra paid off of 2pac at the expense of his family not knowing the music business. They took advantage of Afeni & The Outlawz from day 1!!! So all this confusion it benefits them its a distraction an it keeps the truth from coming out.

The same person who is running the 2pac estate RIGHT NOW is the same guy who signed 2pac to Interscope records. This is the same guy in 1995 when 2pac was in jail with the number 1 platinum album Me against the world out, this guy would not bail 2pac out of jail knowing that his album probably already generated millions for the label. So Suge stepped in an help get Pac out. This same guy Afeni left in charge of the estate when she passed away. So the same guy who left Pac in jail is the same guy in charge of Pac estate right now benefiting from his death! Just as recent as the 2pac Induction into the hall of fame April 7, 2017 the 2pac estate blocked The Outlawz from performing at this historical concert. I get a call from Treach of Naughty by nature the day before the Hall of fame concert in Brooklyn an he asked me was we gonna be there to perform because they called him to perform “Hail Mary.” He was real mad an felt it was total disrespect that they didn’t call The Outlawz to perform our own song. I told him no I wasn’t going and  I didn’t get a invite but Edi was going he bought his own ticket to the event. So Treach said he bringing Edi on stage with him to perform “Hail Mary” an they do soundcheck rehearsal with Edi & Treach on stage. Soon as they get off stage Treach gets a call from HBO because they taping the show for a HBO special an they tell Treach if Edi is on stage with him they gonna cut his performance because they just got a call from 2pac estate an they don’t want Edi on stage. Edi been knowing 2pac since they was lil kids if its 1 person in this whole world that deserve to be on stage honoring 2pac its Edi.

So when it comes to the Outlawz we learned years ago that we had to make decisions that was best for us an our families because nobody was gonna look out for us or have our best interest in this business. People didn’t have the same love an intentions for us that Pac did. So when we got the call from LT Hutton to help out an be a part of this film we said of course. We know LT from the Death Row days he always been a stand up dude an he was a good friend of Pac so it was no doubt in our mind that he would approach this film with honor, love an respect for Pac, his family an his legacy! LT did things out of love for the Outlawz & the 2pac estate over the years music wise so this guy is not a stranger to none of us.

I also thought it was awesome that a young black executive was behind bringing this movie to life.. A dude that actually knew & spent time with Pac so it was no way we was just gonna stand to the side an not help try to make this film the best it can possibly be. The movie was going forward with or without our involvement an this is the only 2pac movie that’s gonna happen it wont be another 1 despite [what] John Singleton going around saying. We tried to help an so did a lot of other people who worked close to Pac stepped up and got involved in the movie as well!

Lets move forward to John Singleton. He doing interviews saying he quit from directing the film because the producers wasn’t telling Pac story with integrity an they sued Afeni when the truth is he got fired from the job. We got the call the day he got fired an honestly i was kinda upset because i thought he was the perfect guy to direct Pac movie until i heard the reason he got fired. John wrote his own script for the movie an in his script he had a scene insinuating 2pac getting raped in jail an he had Afeni as a lesbian an wanted a scene in there with her doing some lesbian activities. So this dude John Singleton was gonna put all kinda lies an made up s### an give y’all some real Hollywood movie so he got fired on the spot an now he out here doing interviews saying he quit like he was doing something out of honor for Pac & Afeni.

I’m sure a lot of yall recently seen a interview from William (Bill Bang) Lesane who is Pac cousin who is also someone I consider family. He just did a interview giving false statements then he just retracted his statements to Morgan Creek & LT Hutton an wrote them a letter apologizing. But even in his interview he confirming what this letter is about he admits all this was the 2pac estates lawyer fault. Pac got a incredible movie finally done an coming out after 20 plus years an its a shame his family, friends an fans cant even fully embrace it because of all the drama surrounding it.

The fans who been supporting 2pac & Outlawz are truly concerned an they deserve to know the real truth, they wanna know when they spend they hard earned dollars on the music or the movie that the money goes to the right place. So despite people saying don’t support the movie the money goes where it supposed to go to the 2pac estate!! These is all Facts that can be proved in paperwork! The Outlawz don’t do publicity stunts or sell out we stand on principles. I couldn’t sit back any longer an let the lies go unanswered while people attack our characters, integrity, love an loyalty to our big brother Pac. This is Young Noble these are my words and my words only I don’t speak on behalf of no one but myself! The truth shall set you free!