Young Thug Talks Airport Incident, Black Lives Matter & “Fake Ass Rappers” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Young Thug is still responding to the backlash from posting a video online where the Jeffery mixtape creator insulted female airport employees.

The viral clip included Thug calling the women “ants,” “peasants,” and “bums.”

Thugger returned to the internet with a series of Instagram videos.

He said in part:

Y’all so much of hypocrites. If a n-gga puts a b#### in place for playing games, y’all try to bash them. But y’all be the same motherf-ckers that upload fifteen black girls fighting, trying to kill each other with knives and bats, and posting n-ggas laying cold-blooded and got shot down in the street on the motherf-cking internet. But try to go to the extreme with the situation I had when a hoe made me miss a $150,000 show.

He added:

Y’all ain’t ever seen me on the internet arguing with black people. I’m not against blacks. I’m black. F-ck wrong with you? Black Lives Matter forever. I just don’t do politics. Y’all saying y’all don’t feel like I’m black because this and that. And I don’t ever say nothing about Black Lives Matter. I just choose not to get into that because I know me. I’m the type of person that’s going to be like, “If we ain’t gonna stand up for our culture and kill and get this sh-t together, it ain’t no use for me speaking on it.” I ain’t gonna speak on something and then nothing be done about it. I don’t respect n-ggas who say “Black Lives Matter” and don’t do nothing to help black lives.

According to Thug, the airport employees were rude and caused him to miss his flight to Seattle where he was scheduled to perform.

The 300 Entertainment representative chastised people that tried to suggest the airport incident meant he had an issue with all people of color.

He added:

Don’t take a situation about me arguing with these two black, p-ssy ass hoes for making me miss my money, and try to mix everybody black in to it. I wasn’t talking about everybody, lames. I was talking about them.

Thug then continued his attack on “fake ass rappers” by blasting some of them for not doing more to financially assist their families and fans.