Young Thug Trial: Judge Hands Down Unique Punishment To Prospective Juror

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Young Thug and his co-defendants continue to wait for a jury to be seated so their RICO trial can finally begin.

Judge Ural Glanville ordered a woman to attend the first five days of Young Thug’s RICO trial after the prospective juror missed an earlier court date.

The judge held the woman in contempt at a hearing in Atlanta on Wednesday (July 12). She avoided a 20-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine but cannot skip Young Thug’s trial.

Judge Glanville had a contentious exchange with the woman at Wednesday’s hearing. The prospective juror claimed she simply forgot about the court date she missed.

“I literally forgot, it was not a malicious act,” she told the judge. “It was not that I just decided to not come show up that day. I came to other dates.”

But Judge Glanville was not satisfied with the woman’s explanation. He noted how she previously called the fire marshal to complain about the court being over capacity during jury selection for Young Thug’s trial. The judge thought she needed to learn the importance of jury duty.

“I want you to see the process,” he told the woman. “And I think that those who know you need to see that this is important.”

Young Thug and his co-defendants are still waiting for a jury to be seated for their RICO trial. Jury selection began in January.

Lawyers representing Young Thug raised concerns about his ability to receive a fair trial. The rapper has remained in jail since his 2022 arrest.