Yung Bleu Arrested Following Robbery Attempt In Los Angeles

yung bleu

Yung Bleu ended up in jail after he was the victim of an attempted robbery while he was grabbing food at a popular Los Angeles restaurant! Read more!

Famous singer Yung Bleu is in legal trouble in Los Angeles, where he was almost victimized thanks to the soaring crime rate.

According to reports, Yung Bleu and his crew were grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant called Bossa Nova when things went left.

An unknown suspect attempted to rob Yung Bleu and his entourage. However, things did not go smoothly for the bandits.

A shootout erupted near the restaurant as Bleu, and his entourage attempted to fight off the would-be robbers.

Bleu’s manager reportedly suffered from a graze wound, but other than that, no injuries have been reported as of press time.

Yung Bleu and his group left Bossa Nova after the shooting, but they were arrested when they went to retrieve their vehicle.

The police arrived on the scene, searched their car, and found firearms. Bleu was reportedly charged with criminal negligence and possession of a firearm. 

He posted a $35,000 bond and was released.

The person who attempted to rob Yung Bleu successfully managed to flee the scene.

Unfortunately, Bleu’s incident has become all too common in Los Angeles.

According to statistics released for the year 2021, property and violent crime is up 17%, while homicides have increased by 11%. Robberies are up 5.5%, and aggravated assault increased by 7.7%.

The incident is the latest legal setback for Jeremy “Yung Bleu” Biddle, who also ran into trouble in August of 2021 in Gainesville, Georgia.

He was busted for driving with a suspended license.

The “You’re Mines Still” performer claimed he was the victim of racial discrimination before being taken into custody.