Yung Bleu Raises Price For His Beats After Scoring Lil Wayne Placement

yung bleu and lil wayne

Yung Bleu, who is now producing under the name Moon Boy, jacked up the price of his beats after landing a placement with Lil Wayne.

Yung Bleu just started making beats, yet he’s already experiencing success as a producer.

The Alabama native celebrated on social media after securing a placement with Lil Wayne on Monday (December 27). Amid his elation, Yung Bleu also increased the price for his beats.

“Man Lil Wayne, the goat just hopped on my F###### beat it’s overrr!” he tweeted. “Yesterday’s price is not today price I been making beats for a week.”

Yung Bleu is using the name Moon Boy as a producer. In a clip posted on Instagram, he declared his beats will now cost $50,000.

“TO ALL YALL N##### WHO WAS TALKIN SHIITTT ! LIL WAYNE PLACEMENT !!!!” he wrote in the caption. “I want 50 should got it’s when it was cheap yesterday price not Today price what ya say @fatjoe @moonboyhitz.”

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According to Yung Bleu, he recorded his first self-produced song on Christmas. Days later, he landed the Lil Wayne placement and received a rave review from Tory Lanez.

“Bruhh … this n#### @_YungBleu just sent me some beats,” Lanez tweeted. “WHY THE F### IS THIS N####’S BEATS BETTER THAN 80% of producers right now !!?!! bruh is a problem.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes clip of Yung Bleu making a beat below.