2 Chainz Boasts Success On ‘Dope Don’t Sell Itself’ Album Art?

2 Chainz

Truly provocative album art is created
with loads of cash, potent kush, and flawless carats!

An array of meaningful experiences continue to educate 2 Chainz. Thus, this knowledge is supplying his wealth of creativity. So now, his seventh studio album is set to drop on, Feb. 4. Of course, the upcoming effort demonstrates his evolution as an artist. Be that as it may, does its album art also audaciously boasts his success?

Although, the Intelligent MC gives a palpable contribution to Brick Rap. However, this approaching LP will serve as his last Trap album. Namely, Mr. “Save Me” says as much. “This gone be my last trap album , enjoy”

So, as Tity Boi’s release date approaches he is strategically feeding its anticipation. Somehow, Four Bracelets is still hungry and humble. Already, the singles, “Million Dollars Worth of Game,” and the recent, “Pop Music” is readily supplying his supporters.

Recently, The Vet offers up an eloquent artistic expression. The creativity poignantly encompasses a snapshot of 2 Chainz’ history. A diamond-encrusted wrist drips down into a personalized shoebox bursting with bills. Stacks of Blue Faces emphasizes his blunt success.

Soon, the ATLien expresses his candid insight. Through his official Instagram page the entrepreneur speaks. “Hey guys ! How are you ?Today I would like to reveal the album cover for MY upcoming classic (DOPE DONT SELL ITSELF )!,”reads the post.

Moreover, the “No Lie” lyricist then professes, “This is a reimagined image of my “ first bank account” I’m sure some of the hustlers can relate ! Hit link in bio for merch”

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” . . . I sold green sold white sold lyrics . . . ” -2 Chainz