50 Cent Blasts A Claim He Was Robbed At Tony Yayo’s Party!

“TF wrong with you?” – 50 Cent

Recently, 50 Cent blasted a crazy claim that he was robbed at Tony Yayo’s birthday party. Thus far, he has cultivated one of Hip-Hop’s most compelling voices. Be that as it may, his moves are usually under a microscope.

Of course, this is done both figuratively and literally. Despite the fact, that the shindig took place in his home borough of Queens, the rumor is still wildly circulating. On the other hand, the gossip about the “Many Men” MC is not too surprising.

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Earlier this week, back on Tuesday (March 29), the diversified mogul was front and center for all the festivities. Atlantis New York was the scene of the supposed jacking. There, the certified boss man allegedly met with adversity.

In fact, the celebratory Yayo recalls, “@AtlantisNewYork was a Fk’n Movie last night!!📽💵💸💸💸…. Of course, he makes mention of “the Big Homie.” Also, Tony ensures to thank,”….Brooklyn Nets 🏀 @andredrummondd and Yuuuuuuup @TreySongz for pulling up!!!” So, it seems that the lyricist thoroughly enjoyed himself.

All of this sounds like a movie? So, when does it become a horror flick? Well, let the Shade Room tell it, their eye-spy detectives were alleging that something nefarious happened to Fiddy.

Furthermore, they reached out to a host of folks with a burning question. “Hi! We’re hearing that 50 Cent got robbed last night after attending the Atlantis. Can you confirm if that’s true?” reads the misguided message.

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Nevertheless, the hands-on entrepreneur personally replied to the “investigation.” Then, Mr. Jackson quickly quipped “The shaderoom must have a slow news day today making up sh*t. You would have heard somebody got man down out there fool. I’m tapped in, I even get your little messages Smh.”

Finally, the rapper assured the public, “This is the kinda sh*t they are doing, stop sending people this kinda s###. TF wrong with you.” Above all Tony Yayo had the last word. He emphatically exclaimed, “📽🦍💨When the Unit Pull Up…It’s nothing but CASH & ASSSSSZZZzzzz!”