Alex Thomas Recalls Ja Rule Being Upset With Him Over 50 Cent “Back Down'” Skit


Comedian Alex Thomas is a pretty funny guy. Recently Thomas sat down with Vlad TV to discuss Dr. Dre changing his life and Ja Rule being upset with him over a 50 Cent skit. Thomas had to make a decision on whether to finish The Jamie Foxx Show or hosting what went on to become the biggest grossing Hip Hop Tour, the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour. Alex linked with 50 Cent to do a skit picking on Ja Rule and alleging that Ja had a gay lover as the skit imitated a gay fan calling into a radio station. The skit was on 50’s “Back Down” off of ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’. Alex says Ja Rule hated him for about 6 years once he found out that he was the one who recorded the skit. Dre and Em were so petty for instigating that beef and that skit! LOL.