Beanie Sigel Quietly Ended A Beef That Could Have Gone Murderous


(AllHipHop Rumors) Beef in 2016 is kind of passé. That means “played out” for all you non-cultured deplorable-types. Anyway, I think Beanie Sigel had the best of intentions for getting on that Meek Mill track and helping out, but things quickly spiraled out of his control. The Game is a beast and so is the game. Its brutal. So, when Beanie got hit and knocked down, some of us know that was an unconscionable infraction that death would be the result in a different era.

But this is now.

What is good is that Beans is a different dude in this different era. He has apparently made peace with the dude down with Meek Mill. Teefy Bey is the name and he’s walking the streets of Philly very much alive. Thank goodness. The last thing we need is another dead person over sone rap.

Here is what Beans said in a deleted post.

Today was a good day I seen @beaniesigelsp @ Jumaaha My Allah keep us firm on the deen and help us with our affairs and nurture us back to firm believers and rise are Iman Ameen we Talked like men and that’s it on this. We from the same hood attended the same masjid. SOMETIMES ALLAH MAKE US ALL FOOLS FOR A Reality Check. now we as Africa Americans Muslims we are the face of America Muslims we all need a pull up Wallahi and Africa America Christian’s y’all need a pull up too good voters #trump is y’all pull up the government give y’all millions and y’all don’t give back to the community and all the 501c3′ non profit organizations y’all out of pocket to so let’s not get things loss we all will be better off if we all come together #TeefyBey

Sad and glad at the same time. But the post “disappeared” so hopefully its not a bad sign. Here is a good sign.