Biggie Fans Start Petition To Get Rich Homie Quan Banned From Hip Hop


Biggie fans and real Hip Hop fans in general have drug Rich Homie Quan to the pits of hell and back for forgetting the late and great Notorious B.I.G.’s verse on the Junior Mafia classic, “Get Money.”

Although Quan gave a sorry apology that Lil’ Kim seemed to accept, there really is no excuse for it. Whether you grew up on Big or not, once you agree to do any performance, especially with one of the G.O.A.T’s verses, you practice, practice, practice! And who doesn’t know those lyrics!?!

Well Biggie fans haven’t let up. They still are at RHQ’s throat as they have started a petition to get him banned from Hip Hop!!!

The petition reads,

“On behalf of every B.I.G. fan across the world, I declare rapper Rich Homie Quan banned from Hip-Hop until he releases a video of him correctly reciting every Biggie line in Juicy and Get Money. We will not purchase his music or acknowledge any of his excuses for disrespecting Frank White at VH1’s #HipHopHonors 2016.”

Click here to view and sign the petition. LOL.

What are your thoughts?

Oh yeah for those who still don’t know the first verse, Lil’ Cease has set the record straight for you (below).