Blac Chyna Claims She Was Set Up With The Ecstasy Pills


Photo via Black Chyna’s Instagram

Blac Chyna has in fact confessed to being drunk at the Austin International Airport, but when it comes to the ecstasy pills, she claims they weren’t hers. Blac Chyna claims she was set up and framed. The pills were found in her sunglasses case. Blac Chyna said she has no idea how the pills ended up in the case, as she says she did not pack her own bags for her trip to London. She says her assistants didn’t even pack for her, another person did. Chyna won’t snitch on whoever packed her bags, but she swears they are responsible. She also says the pill is uncommon as people prefer the drug in powder form now. Hmmmm. Are you buying Blac Chyna’s side of the story?