Bobby Brown Claims Whitney Houston Had An Affair With Tupac


Bobby Brown has been letting it all hang out in these tell-all interviews. In his memoir, Every Little Step, Brown disputes being responsible for Whitney Houston’s drug problems, chronicles their tumultuous relationship, his estranged relationship with his dauhhter, and plot twist… Bobby claims that Whitney Houston cheated on him with one of the GOATS of rap!

Brown claims that Houston continued to used drugs after he had cleaned up, and he talks about his sexual affairs with Janet Jackson, Madonna and others. Brown also confirmed that Whitney had a relationship with her female friend Robyn who she was rumored to be in a relationship with for years, thus saying that Whitney was bisexual.

Bobby Brown claims that Whitney Houston had a few affairs with other artists and producers, and one artist in particular was the late great Tupac Shakur. Whitney was always rumored to like bad boys, so maybe Bobby should’ve given her a hall pass for Pac.