Boosie BadAzz Made More Money In Drugs Than Music For A While


There have been quite a few rappers that were wrapped up in the drug game before their musical careers and even as their careers kicked off. Boosie BadAzz says that’s how he was taught to hustle and make money.

Boosie recently sat down with DJ Vlad to explain that he had his first drug-related job at age 11 as a “lookout.”

Boosie says he started selling crack and weed at 14, and he also explained that many in the streets only live to make it through the day and not necessarily to see tomorrow. At a young age the rapper even sold crack to his own family, and he recalls crackheads knocking at his window at all hours of the night.

It wasn’t until after the Bad Azz album that Boosie decided that he would get out the drug game. Boosie said up until at least 2005, he was making more money with drugs than music. It’s good to see he was able to use music as a way out.