Cam’ron Hints At “Paid in Full” Sequel

Nearing its 20 year anniversary, the infamous story of three Harlem drug dealers, might be getting it’s long awaited follow-up.

Eighteen years ago, co-producers, Jay Z and Dame Dash, along with the director, Charles Stone III, gave us “Paid in Full. Starring Mekhi Phifer, Cam’ron and Wood Harris, the film centered on three notorious drug dealers from Harlem. Overall, the film gained a cult-like following over the years and has had many asking, “when is part II dropping?” 

Well, it looks like the wait might be over soon as Cam’ron recently hinted at a possible sequel in a recent interview on IG Live.

Since the film’s initial success, Cam’Ron really hasn’t discussed the possibility of a sequel. But maybe this quarantine has his creative juices flowing once again. In the IG Live clip, seen above, and right before the interview with J1 of Pandora ended, Cam hinted at  “something similar to Paid In Full 1.” 

He continued, “I been asked this question several times, and I had to tell people ‘No. Not that I know of.’ This is the first time I’m giving you a possibility of a yes.”