Cam’ron Still Isn’t Here For Jay Z!


(AllHipHop Rumors) And they said time heals all wounds! Ha! Not in Hip Hop!

Cam’ron has proven himself to certainly be one of the Princes of Petty. The rapper recently revealed that he’s not completely over his beef with Jay Z that by now is decades old.

Cam sat down with Sole Colector, the world’s leading sneaker magazine to give his take on “legendary” sneakers from various rappers. Cam was also asked to state if he would wear the sneakers as well.

The interviewer showed Cam a photo of Pharrell’s Ice Cream shoes, Kanye West’s Yeezys, and finally Jay Z’s S. Dot Carter sneaks.

When the interviewer got to Hov’s sneakers, the Harlem rapper smacked the photo out of the interviewer’s hands saying,

“Get the f-ck outta here man.”

HILARIOUS! You have to LOVE Cam’s sense of humor. Did you have a pair of the S. Dots?

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