Charlamagne Tha God Says Philly Rappers Are Fake!


Charlamagne Tha God is not here for Philly rappers at the moment!

According to Charlamagne, he feels that Philly rappers have no loyalty, and their loyalty can be bought off by who is providing them opportunity at the time. All he hears is one week it’s Philly unity and the next week they hate each other.

He asks how could Beanie Siegel be called to write records for Omelly then Meek Mill’s people come out assaulting Beanie. C believes that none of the relationships were ever real, and he feels like rappers in Philly only rock with each other when it’s convenient for them.

Charlamagne says Beanie or Meek’s people can’t be trusted. Apparently Philly isn’t really the city of brotherly love.

Uh oh! Charlamagne even says someone has to get hurt for punching Beanie Siegel just off the basis that it was Beanie Siegel.

Charlamagne also joked that he doesn’t believe in Hip Hop anymore if something doesn’t happen around all of this fake beef. He isn’t requiring anyone to be killed behind the foolishness, but he feels there has to be some action going down.

What are your thoughts?