Chris Brown Calls His Baby Mama A Drug Dealer & Tells Jas Prince To Pull Up!


Chris Brown is fed TF up with Baylee Curran, his baby mama Nia Guzman, and Jas Prince.

Breezy feels his baby mama is exploiting his latest arrest in hopes of getting more money out of him.

Nia keeps fighting with Chris over child support and custody, but she keeps coming up short. Brown has gone as far to accuse Nia of being a drug dealer in regards to responding to her suggesting that he is an unfit parent for their daughter.

Chris went all the way in last night on Nia and Jas Prince. He said Nia is with the credit cards and the scammers, and she is trapping out the bando!

Chris even hurled threats at his former homie Jas Prince. J Prince Jr. decided to jump in for his brother as he called Chris Brown a dry snitching clown.

Man Breezy needs to just withdraw and take some time to himself.