Chris Brown & Lil’ Bibby Approve Of Malia Obama Smoking Weed


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Summer ’16 has definitely been a lit one for Malia Obama. She already gained much attention for her twerking videos at Lollapalooza a few weeks ago, and now rumor has it, that twerking wasn’t the only thing Malia was doing.

According to, first daughter Malia Obama was caught red-handed smoking marijuana at Lollapalooza.

An eye-witness claims she saw Malia take a hit off what appeared to be marijuana while watching the Bryson Tiller set. The insider says Malia was only a few feet away from her, and she could smell the marijuana smoke coming from the joint she took a hit on.

The witness went on to say,

“All during this time, the Secret Service was in the background, I’m not sure whether or not they saw her take a hit on a joint.”

Chris Brown and Lil’ Bibby have certainly given their stamp of approval to Malia. Chris said it’s just weed, and people really need to be concerned about the drugs that Donald Trump is on. Lil’ Bibby says everyone smokes weed, and if he were President his daughter would be able to do whatever she wanted to do.

The Malia Hive caught up to the girl who snitched and let her have it with emojis on Instagram. What are your thoughts?

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