Chris Brown Spazzes Again, But Does He Make Sense?

Chris Brown Spazzes…But WTF Is He Saying?

Honestly, I cannot make heads or tails of what Breezy is talking about, but he is definitely making a commentary on that shooting s### that happened. I looked at it and Chris looked like a G. He didn’t start running until the second shot went off. And then 5 people got shot. But, I guess that boy went and got on social media and then people’s jokes got at his soul. Peep what he said:

I just don’t know what Chris Brown is trying to say. He’s cussing up a storm, calling people n***as and forgetting that he’s cad some crazy situations in his life too. Wait a sec…he was pissing on his girlfriend on social media not too long ago. Anyway, I think Breezy wants to do the right thing, but does not know how. This is where mentors and father figures come in.