Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Back Despite Iyanla Interview


Photo via Karrueche’s Instagram

Allegedly Chris Brown wants Karrueche back despite her interview with Iyanla Vanzant or her new discovery of self-worth rather. Brown reportedly wants to take another stab at a relationship with Karrueche and do it right this time. It has been said that Brown isn’t mad at anything Karrueche had to say, he just wants their old thing back. Allegedly after seeing how hurt he made her feel, he said he never wanted to let her down again if they ever got back together. Apparently Chris Brown has come to realize that he is the problem. During Karrueche’s Interview with Iyanla, she kept saying “not right now” when asked about making up with Brown or their possible future. It makes one wonder will she take him back and be babysitting next week? We hope not. What are your thoughts?