Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Says He Got Her Pregnant On Purpose


Plot twist! While Chris Brown and his baby mama Nia will share joint custody of their daughter Royalty, Nia is making some interesting claims about their relationship.

As wild, crazy, and disrespectful as Chris Brown often is, people still found it to be a bit surprising that he would be so irresponsible to knock up a random side chick. Since the day fans found out that Chris Brown cheated on Karrueche when he got Nia pregnant, fans haven’t been too kind to Nia at all.

Recently Breezy fans asked her why she decided to have unprotected sex with Chris Brown or why couldn’t she just go get a Plan B pill.

Nia claims that she never let Chris willingly “raw dog” her, but instead Chris lied about using condoms.

Nia also claims that it was Chris Brown’s mom that was leaking information to her about Chris’ alleged drug use. People have to be more responsible. SMH.