Russell Wilson Pens Birthday Letter To ‘Perfect’ Wife Ciara — Future Stans Rage Out

Russell Wilson and Ciara


You can count on Future stans to do two things: act like toxic a**holes, and rage out whenever Ciara makes the news for getting loved on properly.

And on the “Level Up” singer’s birthday, things are of course no different.

The New York Post published a letter written by Russell Wilson, whom Ciara married after she rightly kicked Future to the curb when he cheated on her.

Needless to say, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback couldn’t stop gushing about his blushing bride.

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“Perfect in every way. God made you for me,” he wrote to Ciara. “He made you to fit perfectly in my arms. Made you to be the amazing woman and mother you are. God made you to entertain the world with your gift to sing & dance! He gifted you with the ability to Tilt the room.. when you walk in ALL the furniture slides towards you. He gifted you with the ability to smile and bring joy to ALL things! Gifted you with the ability to LOVE. Happy Birthday my Queen @Ciara Heaven sent!”

Ciara, in response, wrote that her husband was her “everything” and that she was a better woman because of him.

And while there was no shortage of fans who gushed over Wilson’s sweet words to his wife, there were also — as per usual — Future stans who littered the comment section with proof that their fathers didn’t love them, that they resent their mothers for not tolerating the nonsense, and that Ciara should have just tolerated Future’s cheating (and subsequent impregnation of several women) because he wrote “Mask Off.”

Son, I guess.