Comedian Aries Spears Gets Beat Up On Camera!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Damn son. Aries Spears is a funny dude, but things got quiet insane the other day. He and a light skinned dude got into a verbal joust that lead to fisticuffs. Well, Aries was on the wrong side of the fight. That dude beat Aries like he stole something. At first, it was funny, because he tried to sucker punch the funny guy at close range and MISSED. It was the hardest MISSED PUNCH EVER. Well, dude didn’t stop there, he just started pouring Aries OUT. They seemed like light blows, but Aries covered up nevertheless. And did nothing in the video being passed around. People said Aries covered up his ears like he was listening to a Lil Yachty song and that he was covering up like old school fire drills. LOL! DAG SON!

This was Aries Spears at a more interesting moment.

Interesting indeed.