Da Baby Confirms He’s Having Another Baby

Da Baby has another baby on the way after cheating on his child’s mother.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Da Baby’s daughter’s mother, MeMe, put him on blast for allegedly cheating on her and impregnating the other woman.

MeMe shared text messages between her daughter’s father and his new baby’s mother. The messages show the rapper trying to meet up with the woman and her complaining of not feeling good.

MeMe also revealed, through her Instagram story, that he has been “policing” her-whatever that means. She also said that she asked God to show her who aren’t for her and that him having another child was “the least” of her worries,” but a “convicted soul” was. Da Baby was with her when she created these Instagram stories.

The Charlotte rapper has now confessed that he is having another baby, but denies cheating on his daughter’s mother. He said when his “new-coming blessing was conceived” that he and MeMe were not together at that time.

MeMe responded to his video, saying that a man would never try to “disable” a woman but uplift her. She said a little boy wants to control and take advantage of women.