Did Afeni Shakur Oppose Tupac Biopic?

Tupac And Afeni Come To The Big Screen!

I don’t know how factual this is and it may be ill-timed, but a rumor is a rumor. The word on the street is that Afeni Shakur was not pleased at the prospect of this Tupac Shakur movie, which dropped the trailer a couple weeks ago. We are not at liberty to say too much about the situation. Afeni is represented in the movie as well, and sends some warning at the top of the preview. Only that Afeni may not have been pleased with this cinematic effort. Word is she saw an early “cut” of the movie. That said, the movie does not look bad. In fact, it looks better than expected.

Here is a fan-made extended trailer that will keep you aware of who Tupac really was even if this movie is good.

This trailer is a very nice reminder of Pac’s greatness.

On the other side, The Game said the movie is really good. Certainly, his view is different than Afeni, who lived it.

He said, ““Tupac movie is the real deal, sh*t make that Biggie movie look like a cartoon.” But, that is not saying much, considered Straight Outta Compton is the standard now. Anyway, he said the movie made him proud to be from the West Coast. That’s a real statement.

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