Did Amber Heard Sniff Coke At Johnny Depp Libel Trial?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are at it in court, but people are speculating that Amber took a “bump” in court.

Amber Heard.

She might be the most hated woman at the moment. She has been accused of setting causing J. Depp to be seen as an incredibly abusive man. However, as time went on…the tide changed. There were reports of dog-size poops, lies and cavity searches! Well, there’s more.

Amber Heard testified in a court room in Fairfax, Virginia this week. And she immediately got everybody talking. As you know, she is on trial faced with libel accusations from her ex-husband Johnny Depp. She wrote an op-ed piece in which she claimed to be a public figure and a victim of domestic abuse. This caused Johnny to “lose everything,” including an important role in

New video reveals that Amber may have sniffed cocaine on the stand! Not really, but people do have their questions. Look at this!

Did she take a bump?

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