Did Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend Threaten To Kill Alleged Pregnant Side Chick & Baby?


Photo via Fetty Wap’s Instagram

Fetty Wap has something that makes all of the Trap Queens come his way. It’s at least 4 women fighting over Fetty right now. A lady by the name of Celina claimed she was pregnant by Fetty last month. Another woman by the name of Tiara (@TiaraYvonne) is now claiming she was also pregnant by Fetty. She says Fetty got her pregnant then changed his number on her. Tiara basically called Fetty’s current girlfriend, Alexis Sky, “the dumbest b*tch” ever. Fetty Wap has responded to the Celina pregnancy rumors, saying that he never slept with her, and people want to be famous so bad that they will make up stories. Alexis Sky threatened to kill Celina and the baby if she is in fact pregnant. Alexis later apologized by saying she would never kill a baby and that she just spazzed out. The drama wasn’t complete until Fetty’s ex fling, Masika, jumped in saying women are fighting over “community peen”. What is going on FETTY!?

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